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The Walworth County Human Resource Association (WCHRA) is a professional organization, founded in 1981, for those involved in the human resource management profession. WCHRA has greatly expanded over the years with today’s membership exceeding 50 members and representing over 40 employers. 

WCHRA 2023 Officers

2023 wchra officers.jpg

2023 Officers from left:  Sheri Brown, Borg Indak, Secretary, ; Sandy O'Dierno, Onvoy, Treasurer; Cindy Holmes, Wisconsin Oven, President; Programs (TBD)

                               SUMMER SOCIAL 2023
                       AT PIER 290 IN WILLIAMS BAY
                                                 Fun, sun and beautiful lake view!

image000000 (9).jpg

Daphne Ursu - November Speaker


Lynn Hardginski, Business Services Consultant with DWD presented "Hiring Employees With Diverse Abilities.

WCHRA Members Attended
Gateway Middle School Expo
November 30, 2023


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